“Clothe Yourself in Righteousness” is Live!

Yesterday I drove out to New Jersey to pick up the physical copies of the CDs. As I was driving back in my car and checking the audio to make sure it was all working and clear, I started crying. I have been in relationship with this project for so long. I have fought for it, laughed with it, been changed by it. And now it’s time to tell the world about it. Thus, I humbly offer you:

After debating the “free/not free” models, I’ve decided to post a song a week simultaneously on Youtube (as a videosong) and bandcamp (as a paid download/free stream). So if you’re the type to only listen to music if it’s free, you’ll just have to come back.

But! You can listen to the full album RIGHT NOW by downloading it.

“Let’s Get Naked”

This first song that I’ve posted is called “Let’s Get Naked.” Lyrics are here.

I am really excited to say that I have been working with filmmaker Tom Clement on a music video for the song, and it should be posted in the next few days.

Ok, enjoy! I’m headed to Richmond for the first release show!


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