A (Long Overdue) Update


At some point, I made the transition from “talking about” my new project, Clothe Yourself in Righteousness, to “doing” it. There was a point at which I thought the project would be released by now… I apologize for not being more communicative about that change in plans, however you might be interested to know that everything is on track and barreling forward!

There’s a lot to be excited about. Let me bring you up to speed a bit:

What Happened?!

In April, equipped with a new guitar and a solid vision, I moved my work back to West Philly from Fallsington (thanks again to Fallsington Meeting for the use of their space for Jan-Feb!) to begin recording the backbone of the songs.

I spent the months of April and May “tracking” (a new term I’ve learned from my producer) the instrumental outlines of the 10 songs for Clothe Yourself in Righteousness. This was a bit more work than it might sound:

(1) because I filmed everything. Everything. Every single take, flub, outtake, and perfect, magical, everything-I-wanted-it-to-be take. I’ve been learning a lot about lighting, tripods, editing, camera positioning, etc. It’s like a whole new job! Be on the lookout for a plethora of youtube videos in September, 2011.

(2) My vision for the album is relatively epic, involving grand pianos, tempo switches, accappella bridges and… bum bum BUMMM

(3) Violins! Or rather, violin. Multitracked. I located and have been working well with a classical/jazz violinist from Russia whose name is Marina. Marina is on every single song on the album minus one. She has several solos, will be in all of the videos, and will tour with me. It has been very interesting working with another musician and I’ve learned a lot from it (you can read more about what this project has taught me in my latest blog post)

What’s Happening Now?!

I am now in Virginia, enjoying the calm of the woods, caring for chickens and recording the final vocals and smoothing out instrumentals before I pass the songs along to the producer who will be mixing and mastering the album (Jake Thro, website coming soon). It is nervewracking work, lead vocals. If you follow me on facebook and twitter, you’ve probably seen me complaining about it.

What’s Going to Happen?!

God willing, I’m going to finish the songs, Jake is going to mix and master them, I’m going to edit videos, make music videos, release the CD and go on tour!

Tentative release date: September 1st
Tentative tour dates: September 23rd-October 3rd
Tentative tour cities: Chapel Hill, Richmond, DC, Baltimore, Philly, NY, Boston. (Give me a holler if you’ve got a better idea!)

One Last Note…

While exciting, this project has not been easy. I’ve had quite a few challenges and setbacks, from sickness to injuries to unsettledness in West Philly. For those of you who have been holding me and this project in your prayers, thank you. It is an underlying sense of faith and joy that has brought me through the periods of doubt to remain committed to the leading.

Also, I was just going through my finances, and thumbing through the many institutions and individuals who have helped to fund this project. I never cease to be grateful for the way that everything has come together. But it’s certainly put the pressure on! I’m going to go all out on this one!

Peace be with you!

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