A Quick Quaker Start!

After watching a few other projects and campaigns on kickstarter.com, I know that these campaigns can be unbelievably successful and massive flops, and everything in between. It is difficult to know precisely how to get the word out.

Seeing the funds for “Clothe Yourself in Righteousness” climb from $0 to $1500 in three days, I was overwhelmed with excitement and gratefulness. I know that it is because folks are excited about this project and are already sharing it on facebook and via email that so many donations have already come in.

Now we’re on day 5, and though we are well on our way, it’s going to be a climb for the rest of the month to meet our goal. Remember that Kickstarter doesn’t fund the project unless we raise $4,000 by December 1st… meaning that no credit cards get charged unless we raise the full amount.

So let’s keep pushing! The most helpful thing you can do is to share this project on facebook, or via email.

The link for “Get Naked or Bust!” is http://kck.st/dx0SnK.

And there is a new Facebook fan page gaining steam, devoted entirely to this project! Check it out and become a fan.

Many thanks, Friends! I know that we can do this!
in peace

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