New Video!!!

I have been working on learning to film and edit video for Clothe Yourself in Righteousness, and have been releasing “videosongs” every couple of weeks. My most recent videosong, just released today, is starting to show my progress. It is my most concise, well-filmed and edited video… I am very happy with the way it turned out. Please take a moment to watch and share it if you feel so led!

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What’s Your Relationship With Clothing?

Maggie and I have been exploring nakedness and Quakerism for two years (officially at least) and have been out in public discussing it for about 6 months now… and it feels like we’re only getting started! There is so much to explore on this topic.

No, seriously… I laughed when I got the leading to write an entire album about Quakers getting naked, but the real challenge turned out to be keeping it to a single album.

One of the topics that felt so vast as to be overwhelming is clothing itself. If we are called to be authentic and shed the coverings of the world, what then is our relationship with actual clothes?

  • Should we just not wear clothes? (but we’ll get cold!)
  • Should we be wearing uniforms? (haha, we individualists laugh, God would never want that… but its exactly what the Quietist Quakers felt God was calling them to. And the Amish.)
  • Should we just wear whatever we feel like wearing? (but what about John Woolman and questioning whether the seeds of war are in our possessions?)

Perhaps you’re beginning to see how much could be said about this topic.

Here’s where the internet gets really cool.

If you take a moment to tell us about your personal philosophy, submit a picture and tell us where you’re from, we’ll compile it into a page called “Modern Quakers and Clothing”, and… viola! We’re in a real conversation.

Needless to say, we’re excited to see what you’ll write.

Submit Your Story

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Harvard Divinity School Website Features CYiR

Zac Dutton

Zac is a student at Harvard Divinity School. Here is what he had to say about Clothe Yourself in Righteousness:

“They are not your run-of-the mill performers. They are actually traveling in the ministry.”

Read more…

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Merry Christmas from Maggie and Jon!

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, we just posted some special deals on the Clothe Yourself in Righteousness project. Makes a great gift! Click here!

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Occupy Your Life

Interesting Timing

So we released this album on September 23rd, about a week after protesters started Occupying Wall Street in Manhattan, and only a few days before the media picked up on the protests in a serious way.

I continued to create and release videosongs from the album, despite knowing that the real conversation online was all about the Occupy Movement.

(Not) Getting Ahead of the Guide

As I feel this work is God-given and God-led, it is important for me to make sure I am not “getting ahead of my guide,” as Quakers put it. Though there were many Quakers already involved in the Occupy Movement, it wasn’t clear to me how or if I was called to engage with it.

That is… until I received a call from my friend Micah Bales. Micah had traveled to Manhattan to be a witness for the protests long before “Occupy Wall Street” was a household name, and he has been very involved in Occupy DC. Micah was calling to ask if I wanted to stop by Occupy DC and play before I continued my tour up North and out to Richmond, IN. I accepted, and was immediately gifted with the following song:

A (non) Detour

When I got back to Philadelphia, I took the time to record and edit the song and it’s accompanying video instead of releasing the normal Monday video song.

And instead of feeling like this has been a detour, I feel like radical authenticity, faithfulness, humble servitude and love are more important than ever… and they are the the central elements of this project. I hope to blog again soon about that. Stay tuned!

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