Occupy Your Life

Interesting Timing

So we released this album on September 23rd, about a week after protesters started Occupying Wall Street in Manhattan, and only a few days before the media picked up on the protests in a serious way.

I continued to create and release videosongs from the album, despite knowing that the real conversation online was all about the Occupy Movement.

(Not) Getting Ahead of the Guide

As I feel this work is God-given and God-led, it is important for me to make sure I am not “getting ahead of my guide,” as Quakers put it. Though there were many Quakers already involved in the Occupy Movement, it wasn’t clear to me how or if I was called to engage with it.

That is… until I received a call from my friend Micah Bales. Micah had traveled to Manhattan to be a witness for the protests long before “Occupy Wall Street” was a household name, and he has been very involved in Occupy DC. Micah was calling to ask if I wanted to stop by Occupy DC and play before I continued my tour up North and out to Richmond, IN. I accepted, and was immediately gifted with the following song:

A (non) Detour

When I got back to Philadelphia, I took the time to record and edit the song and it’s accompanying video instead of releasing the normal Monday video song.

And instead of feeling like this has been a detour, I feel like radical authenticity, faithfulness, humble servitude and love are more important than ever… and they are the the central elements of this project. I hope to blog again soon about that. Stay tuned!

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One Response to Occupy Your Life

  1. John Arnaldi says:

    I love your project and want to share this project with you and other friends:

    This project may be of interest to many friends in terms of caring for the earth, peaceful witness & protest, simplicity, and sacredness of life. It beautifully demonstrates the human-nature connection and our shared vulnerability of all inhabitants of our planet. Excellent video interviews with the artist.

    Please share! I’d like to hear your comments.

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