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Recovering lost symbols and language is nothing less the work of recovering prophetic faithfulness.

Long ago, Friends were known to go physically naked in the streets. More importantly, they were engaged in the practice of becoming spiritually Naked before God and the world.

In this pamphlet, Maggie seeks to uncover and share the deeper significance of Nakedness. What could this kind of nakedness look like today?

Written with a focus on integrity, personal vulnerability, and the reader’s enjoyment, this work is intended for an audience of high schoolers and Elders, the newly Convinced and long time members, Friends seeking revitalization of a dead faith and Friends burning with the fire of Spirit.

Additionally, it’s also meant for non-Quakers— those who grew up disenchanted by a vague liberal spiritualism, those who sense something is terribly off about the status quo, or those looking to get vulnerable, to strip down to the Core with others and with God.

This pamphlet is a love letter to you and for Quakerism.

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