Plenty More Dance Parties to Come!

When I released my first music video, there were a variety of reasons that folks were excited to see Quakers dancing in Meeting.

Equally various were the reasons that this made some Friends uncomfortable. Besides the challenging theology of the song, since when do Quakers get up and dance in a sacred Meetinghouse? There is a lot of serious work to be done in the world, and what gives the folks in the video a right to seem so downright carefree? How can we hear the will of the Spirit through all of that noise?

Well Friends, as I look over my notes for the new album that I am to begin recording at the end of this month, I feel that a yoke has been laid upon me. These are not easy songs to play OR to think about. My responsibility to them is a heavy burden.

However, there is a playfulness in the way that the songs have been laid upon my shoulders. And there is a joyfulness even in the serious, sometimes painful lyrics. There is much reason to dance.

My current source of joy is the progress that I’ve made in raising funds for the album. So far I have been awarded two grants, and been accepted by to raise the rest of the money. Kickstarter is a direct-to-fan fundraising platform, meaning that their website is set up specifically to take in large quantities of small donations from folks like you. And we’re halfway to the goal!!!

But it’s not real money. Not yet. Kickstarter doesn’t charge any credit cards unless the goal is fully met by December 1st.

So we need more help! Please spread the word! And put in a little pledge yourself! Every little bit counts.

Visit to find out how to donate and to spread the word.

The next “Dance Party Erupts During Quaker Meeting for Worship” depends on your good will!!!

Let’s Dance.


Jon’s new album, Clothe Yourself in Righteousness is an exploration of spiritual and physical nakedness and is based upon a research paper into the Early Quakers’ practice of “going naked as a sign”, written by Maggie Harrison for the Earlham School of Religion.

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