Robin Mohr and Clothing

Name: Robin Mohr
Meeting: San Francisco Monthly Meeting
Branch: Liberal Quaker

For me personally, plain dress includes solid colors, solid construction and practical fabrics. It does not preclude any particular colors but it does not include any superfluous details, from jewelry to lapels or patterns. My personal standard of modesty probably owes more to my mother’s example than any religious convictions. Plain dress requires fair labor standards and sustainable resources. It is a standard I aspire to, not a goal I have achieved.

Martin Kelley maintains an online list of resources for historical plain dress as does Quaker Jane. I am not called to historical accuracy.

Plain for me includes a gold wedding band – one marriage, one lifelong commitment. Not a multiplicity of romantic entanglements, although I had my share before I was married.

Plain living for me means moderate consumption of food, drink, housing, clothing, medicines, and other resources. It includes healthful and fun recreation.

I have a scruple regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages, not as a historical relic, but because I find the social use of alcohol to be inconsistent with the kinds of honest, intimate relationships I want to have with my family, my friends, and God.

Plain living precludes wagers, raffles and other forms of gambling.

Plain speech is hard for me, as I tend to entertain myself with hyperbole. Plain speech means truth telling, without obfuscation or evasion.

Plain living means living within our economic means, without debt. Plain living means limiting my volunteer and community service work as well as my paid employment so as to focus on God’s will.

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