The Birth of my Nog (Naked-Blog)

Engaging with the Clothe Yourself in Righteousness project over the last few years has inspired many connected ideas and messages that have tended to go no further than the confines of my own thoughts or an interesting conversation.  However, I feel that if I were to have real integrity in this ministry, or actually be faithful to the leading of this project, I would share these related ideas through the available avenues, which in internet-world means BLOGGING!!!!

And, with the advent of cheap cameras and video editing programs, it also means VLOGGING! (“Video Blogging”).  Never was able to follow through with a Blog or Vlog in the past, but it’s a new day, and I have my co-minister/partner in crime Jon Watts to hold me accountable and feed me potato chips when I get cranky, so perhaps it’s finally my time.

My commitment to YOU (i.e. whoever may be reading this and/or wanting more Nakedness material to feed your soul): I commit to posting a blog or two every week AND a vlog, until I feel “released” (which is Quaker-speak for sensing that you’re no longer responsible for a particular thing) or until my muses desert me.

You may ask, what am I going to talk about?  Well, I’m not totally sure yet, but the general themes that have been plaguing my mind for the past few months have been:

1)    interpreting/deconstructing the symbol of “Clothing”, which includes examining the many ways we represent ourselves, or hide parts of us, both through physical dress (dare I say costume!?) and also social or political expressions

2)    exploring “undressing” or “getting Naked” as a spiritual practice or spiritual discipline a la Richard Foster

3)    the role Love plays in all of this, especially relating to what kind of practices and ways of being make real intimacy and vulnerability possible in ourselves, in communities, in the wider world, and in our relationships with the Divine

4)    thinking about the practice of “going naked as a sign” in modern day society; what would a comparable radical witness be today?  Are there places in our society where modern Prophets are giving a comparable message?

5)    the meaning of some of Jon’s lyrics (or at least my interpretation of them)

6)    what might this project have to offer to modern Quakerism?

7)    other random, loosely related meanderings

What do I hope you, reader, will commit to me?  I would like you to try to greet these messages with an open heart, seeking where the words may hold Truth for you.  And, that you share whatever support or affirmations—including personal openings—that come up for you so as to support me as a budding, insecure writer and a fellow follower, speaking to an invisible cyber-community.  Deal?  Great.  I knew I could trust you.

Till next time…

Love and Faith,


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  1. Robert Fischer says:

    Awesome! Very much looking forward to this!

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