Jon, Marina and Maggie will be traveling for two weeks to celebrate the culmination of their two years of work on "Clothe Yourself in Righteousness". Be sure to catch one of these dates!

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Clothe Yourself in Righteousness Tour

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Jon will be continuing to travel throughout the Fall, promoting and discussing the project. Click here for his full schedule.


Jon, Maggie and Marina are available for future dates within a 4 hour drive of Philadelphia. Please contact Jon for more info on bringing them to your school, seminary, Meeting or event.

Clothe Yourself in Righteousness is the result of two years of exploration by Young Adult Quaker ministers Maggie Harrison and Jon Watts. After hearing the story of Solomon Eccles (an Early Quaker who went naked through a busy marketplace in London in the 17th century) from Max Carter at Guilford College, Maggie went on to write a paper on Nakedness as a spiritual symbol for the Earlham School of Religion, which resulted in a full-on academic & theological pamphlet.

While the initial story is interesting and perhaps entertaining, upon investigation Jon and Maggie found that the questions brought up by the story (and several other similar stories) were worthy of investigation. So for the past two years, these two young adult ministers living in West Philadelphia have immersed themselves in the history, practice and theology of this spiritual symbol that has been lost to our contemporary faith tradition. The result is powerful, groundbreaking, church-changing.

"The ideas that Jon and Maggie are pushing have the potential to call the church (and not just Quakers!) back to its identity as a loving, genuine, transformative community that can effect real change in relationships and in the world." Sarah Howell, Duke Divinity

"While Clothe Yourself in Righteousness basks in the tender love of God, it is also unflinching in its call to risky relationship with both God and our fellow humans." Micah Bales, The Lamb's War

"Prophetic and Radical" Stephen Angell, Earlham School of Religion

"Jon is a poet and a prophet: he speaks the truth and is willing to be vulnerable and let the light of Christ shine through him." Ashley Wilcox, School of the Spirit